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Indonesian Braille Literacy Center (BLBI) "Abiyoso" 

Indonesian Braille Literacy Center (BLBI) "Abiyoso" based on Permensos No. 18 of 2018  Indonesian Braille Literacy Center hereinafter abbreviated BLBI as referred to in Article 3 letter c has the task of managing braille literacy.

Based on its task characteriscs and funcons BLBI is a naonal reference center and is a laboratory for developing naonal scope braille.

In carrying out the above tasks BLBI funcons:
a. planning and program evaluaon reports;
b. preparaon of methods, models and technology for braille literacy;
c. supply, distribuon and ulizaon of braille literacy;
d. mapping and analysis of the needs of braille;
e. implementaon of the technical guidance braille literacy;
f. implemenng cooperaon; and
g. implementaon of administrave affairs
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